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澳门线上赌博注册:Convertible bond market substantially expanded Peng Hua convertible bonds in the last year the return of 9.75%

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内容摘要: Since the beginning of 2018, the equity market continued to fluctuate.Convertible bondsThe market has shown a clear upward trend. Data show...

Since the beginning of 2018, the equity market continued to fluctuate. Convertible bonds The market has shown a clear upward trend. Data show that as of February 2, the CSI convertible bond index rose 5.79% and 7.01% respectively this year and the most recent year.

Benefit from the overall upward conversion of convertible bonds market, you can turn Bond 7198973_9_65473_9 gold since the performance of the same dazzling. According Haitong Securities statistics, as of February 2, this year the whole market convertible bond fund average yield 4.04%, far more than the same period partial shares and hybrid funds initiative equity funds average yield 1.91% and 0.49 %, Convertible bonds fund configuration value highlights.

Reporters found that as of February 2, 2018, Penghua Convertible Bonds (000297) net worth growth rate of 6.54% this year, the net growth rate of 5.31% over the recent three months, 478 mixed in the same period two Bond Fund in the top four. Among them, the product of the net growth rate in the recent year is as high as 9.75%, significantly exceeding the same period of the China Securities Composite Index yield 0.79% and China Securities Index conversion yield 7.01%. Data also show that the product in the most recent year, the last three months, and the net growth rate this year, both in the same period mixed two bond fund products in the top 5%.

Since 2017, the market for public convertible bonds has expanded rapidly, and the market size is expected to increase substantially in the future. Data show that as of January 31, 2018, the number of bonds in the convertible bonds market increased to 56, the balance of bonds exceeded 130 billion yuan, and a total of 131 convertible bonds to be issued, the total amount of nearly 380 billion yuan. The substantial increase of convertible bond investment target brings more investment opportunities. Convertible bond investment will be the same as the stock investment can be top-down configuration of the industry, but also bottom-up fine choice coupons.

From the perspective of valuation, the market value of convertible bonds has been at historically low level, and the price / performance ratio has risen sharply. Data show that as of January 31, 2018, the average share transfer premium of convertible bonds with a conversion value of 90-110 yuan was 11.51%, while in the beginning of 2016, the index was above 30%. After more than two years of valuation compression, the current convertible bonds valuation is close to the mean level of the previous shock during the equity market bull market in 2014. Decline in the valuation of convertible bonds, coupled with the debt bond protection properties of the convertible bonds, will make the space for convertible bonds to become smaller, and convertible bonds will rise following the rise of the flexibility will increase the cost-effective investment bonds increased significantly. As the valuation of convertible bonds has been at a relatively reasonable level, its investment value also received investor attention.

Prospects In 2018, listed companies with outstanding quality and outstanding competitive power in the convertible bond market will have a rise in the price of convertible bonds due to the rise of their positive share price, thus making the convertible bond market also show a structural market. At the same time, due to the valuation of convertible bonds, Decline in the price of premium bonds will also be more prominent flexibility. Bond market in the substantial expansion of the market, the rights and interests of the market to continue the interpretation of the structural market context, convertible bond investment should be based on the fundamentals of convertible bonds and valuations, long-term selection of quality coupons long-term allocation of shares to convertible bonds share price Gains brought by the rise.





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