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内容摘要:China's and Russia's stealth fighters don't stand a chance against the F-35 and F-22中国和俄国的隐形战机无法对抗F-35和F-22China's recent military parade in...

China's and Russia's stealth fighters don't stand a chance against the F-35 and F-22

China's recent military parade included several new weapons systems and a flyover by the J-20, a stealth jet that many think incorporates stealth technology stolen from the US into a design built to destroy weak links in the US Air Force.Russia has also been testing a stealth jet of its own that integrates thrust-vectoring technology to make it more maneuverable, which no US jet can match.But the US has decades of experience in making and fielding stealth jets, creating a gap that no amount of Russian or Chinese hacking could bridge.
"As we see Russia bring on stealth fighters and we see China bring on stealth fighters, we have 40 years of learning how to do this," retired Air Force Maj. Gen. Mark Barrett told Defense News' Valerie Insinna at a Mitchell Institute event on Wednesday.While China's J-20 seeks to intercept unarmed US Air Force refueling planes with very-long-range missiles, and Russia's T-50 looks like a stealthy reboot of its current fleet of fighters, a senior scientist working on stealth aircraft for a US defense contractor told Business Insider that other countries still lagged the US in making planes that could hide from radars.
“正如我们看到的,俄罗斯有了隐形战机,中国也有了,而我们已经有40年使用经验,”,退役空军少将Mark Barrett周三在米切尔学院的活动上对《国防新闻》记者Valerie Insinna说。而中国的J-20(只是)追求用远程导弹拦截美国空军没有武装的加油机,俄罗斯的T-50看上去就像现役飞机的隐身翻版,一位来自美国国防承包商的隐形飞机专家告诉 《商业内幕》,其他国家在制造躲避雷达的飞机上仍然落后美国。
The scientist, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the classified nature of their work, told Business Insider the J-20 and T-50 were "dirty" fighters, since the countries lack the precision tools necessary to painstakingly shape every millimeter of the planes' surfaces.Barrett said of China's and Russia's stealth attempts, "There are a lot of stuff hanging outside of these airplanes," according to Defense News, adding that "all the airplane pictures I've seen still have stuff hanging from the wings, and that just kills your stealth." Additionally, the US has stealth-fighter tactics down, while China and Russia would take years to develop a similar playbook.

(No weapons hang off these wings in the F-35's stealth configuration.Thomson Reuters)
(无武器外挂的F-35 隐身模式。Thmoson 《路透社》)
Meanwhile, the US has overcome the issue of external munitions blowing up a plane's radar signature by having internal weapons bays and networking with fleets of fourth-generation aircraft.Because the F-35 and F-22 can communicate with older, non-stealth planes, they can fly cleanly, without weapons hanging off the wings, while tanked-up F/A-18s, F-15s, or F-16s laden with fuel, bombs, and air-to-air missiles follow along.The F-35s and F-22s can ensure the coast is clear and dominate battles without firing a shot as older planes fire off missiles guided by the fifth-gen fighters.


Economic historian 8 hours ago
Pardon my realism: we produce the world's finest military hardware but have slum homes and crummy trailer homes all across the U.S. along with a rusty infrastructure and backward train system and unhealthy food and gross pathological obesity and working more than any adv. economy and longer into old age. It is time to refocus from the priority on foreign policy to domestic policies before more discontent and demagoguery erupts. Trillions spent on futile and unnecessary wars and associated military socialism are the top causes of slumerica.
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Ranka 8 hours ago
Don't stand a chance? and how do you know this? Seems like something to reassure or placate a population... I think it's called uh, propaganda
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My 2 Cents! 8 hours ago
Just a reminder. In Vietnam USA lost over 10,000 planes. And they were all "better" than the enemy's.
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Bob 8 hours ago
And last week they could kick our butts. Just please, stop reporting this crap constantly.
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leckdawg  9 hours ago
In other words our #$%$ is top notch!
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Highest Rated 8 hours ago
"...a senior scientist working on stealth aircraft for a US defense contractor told us". You know we're screwed when the manufacturer is the only source of info quoted.
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“一位来自美国国防承包商的隐形飞机专家告诉 《商业内幕》”。你知道的,当制造商是唯一信息来源的时候,我们就完蛋了。

Stephen 9 hours ago
Waste of $$. There is very few cases of "dog fights" with plane to plane combat. Drones rule. Technology will/is taking the human factor out of the warfare equation.
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Lee 9 hours ago
Of course they suck, we have all bought Chinese #$%$! We know what they are about.
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faster 8 hours ago
America's worst enemy is not Russia or China, it is Liberals from New York and California
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Jim L 6 hours ago
For a trillion dollars, America could build a high speed rail system that services all 48 contiguous states. Instead, we spend 5 times that amount in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. We are a nation of great thinkers.
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Hugh Janus 9 hours ago
Only an idiot would assume anything when dealing with a near peer adversary. Nobody outside the Pentagon knows what the F-35 and F-22 have and same goes for the Russian and Chinese stuff in the Kremlin and Beijing. Anyone who tries to claim one is better than the other is an idiot and is worthy of ridicule. 1989 was a long long time ago.
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Bobby Joe 9 hours ago
The Chinese invented gunpowder.
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trey 9 hours ago
Apparently the marketing campaign for top gun 2 has started.
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E 9 hours ago
One thing you overlooked, China can mass produce their planes at a rate of 100 a day
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Flooner J. Schooner 8 hours ago
The article reads more like an advertisement for Lockheed Martin then an insightful assessment of Russian and Chinese fighter plane capabilities.
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thebrewpub 9 hours ago
The F-35 is full of problems and is not flight or battle ready
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L 7 hours ago
I have not heard either China or Russia threaten to attack the USA. But I have heard, on numerous occasions, articles on how the USA would deal with an attack from those countries. Are we trying to start trouble? Why would either attack us (at least without cause)? What would they gain? The USA is a giant customer of China and China holds a trillion dollars of USA debt. Why would a bank want to attack a good customer? Regarding Russia, they have problems of their own. Do they need to add to their problems by starting a war with us? And, should they win, then what? Are they going to police the entire USA? The USA has over twice the population of Russia (318 million vs 142 million).
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Gold 8 hours ago
While Americans claim to be No. 1 in everything, how come Americans can't protect their information or data. This does not sound right. While the F-22 is designed so much different to the China's J-22, how can it be a copy by the Chinese? Americans just try to find excuse for their inferior jet technology. Americans just try to label their opponents as copy cats so they can feel that they are still No. 1 and great again. Up to now we still don't see any proof of theft by the Chinese. When did the Chinese steal what and how? Who reported jet information or data has been hacked and modified? None. The only thing we hear is the Chinese hacked the Administration's office, possible employees data may have been hacked or stolen. But again, there is no proof. We need to see proof. We must admit that the Chinese, to certain extent, the Russians are more advanced than us in jet technology in some areas. Of course Americans are more advanced in jet technology in many other areas too. But very soon we'll be falling behind. China's STEM graduates are 8:1 against Americans. Just take a look on the Chinese GPS system. China's GPS system team is made up of young Chinese youth. The average age is under 45 years old. And the system is more accurate than our GPS system. The Chinese GPS system is designed very different from the American system also. Well, we can say they steal our technology. We can say whatever we want to say. But when you say it too much, people can tell we are liars. By 2025, China will be a leader of technology in many fields. By 2035, Chinese hi-tech will virtually dominate the world. While we keep saying the Chinese steal our technology, when others see that the Chinese are in fact more advanced, what do you think other people are thinking?
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